Hi there…

My name is Martine and I am from Scandinavia.

I love cooking – but boy do I know something about not having the money for all the great foods I would like to cook!!

For years I was struggling with making ends meet – and every now and then my life takes a turn where I once again have to watch every dime.

How it all started

In the winter of 2010 I was in one of those seasons with a low budget.

But I also wanted to lose weight and eat healthy!

My friend was in a similar situation. We often ate dinner together, taking turn to host. And what we discovered was that we shared a similar passion of creating extremely cheap meals.

Back then they were oriented around minced meat and cabbage with pasta and then we added a bunch of fun spices and sauces.

It developed into a competition where we challenged eachother to make cheap, spicy meals.

How simple ingredients can turn into creativity

Those meals were simple ingredients thrown into a pot.

But in my world it also means cheapand tasteful food.

For many years I have lived with a limited budget and it has forced the creativity to come forth, if I don’t want to settle with boring cans of tomato and unhealthy pasta.

I still make cheap, spicy meals that you throw into a pot.

And yes, you will every now and then find recipes like these on the blog.

However my interest have grown into challenging myself into making food that complement the season.


Because it is cheaper, and you get the most out of the vegetable, when it is in season.

Is your budget for food in the low end?

So many people I know are struggling with making ends meet financially – and are lost for ideas how to make cheap meals in the kitchen that are healthy.


If you are struggling financially but want to serve delicious healthy and cheap meals – this is the blog for you.


Welcome to a world of beautiful food that is in season and making healthy meals on a budget!!!

Join me as I explore the beautiful food that is in season

On this blog you will get to join me on the adventure when we embark on exploring delicious meals on a budget that follows food of the season.

You will find articles with:

  • tips on how to go about eating and cooking cheap food that is healthy
  • I will scout the internet for the best recipes
  • Give you great ideas to creative recipes for the vegetables that is in season
  • Present you with my own recipes.
  • I will tell you what vegetables and foods to look out for
  • Give you great bonus insights on the health benefits of said vegetable


Want to lose weight?

Uhmmm don’t we all!

I myself am on that journey towards a slimmer silhuette.

On this blog I will tell you what foods you should eat less of when you want to lose weight but mostly you will find recipes that will compliment weight loss.

Every now and then you will also find desserts – for your cheat days 😉

Because I explore cheap foods in seasons most recipes will be all green, vegetarian or vegan friendly.

So what else can I tell you?

So thats my story.

I live five miles outside Copenhagen, the capitol of Denmark, with my husband, two sons, a happy dog and a grumpy old cat.

When I don’t cook or blog about it, I work in the digital marketing world, enjoy polefitness and read books like a maniac.