3 vegetables in season in october and what to cook with them
beetroot, pumpkin, sweet potato, whats in season

October – 3 vegetables in season right now and what to cook with them

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Yay! Fall is here.

I love fall – don’t you just love fall?

I love the colors in nature, the chill in the air – and then I love all the heavy roots and veggies.

beautiful fall weather food of the season

After a summer of salads and meat on the b-b-q I am more than ready to dive into beetroot, pumpkin, mushroom, cabbage, carrots, apples and Jerusalem artichokes. Yum.

vegetables in season in october

Vegetables in season in October

So what to look for this season?

Late September and October you will notice more heavy weight veggies come in season – and therefore lower pricings.

Notice: Beetroot, sweet potatoes and pumpkins.

But also: Celeriac, parsley root, cauliflower, carrots, leeks, mushrooms and green beans.

Looking for something sweet to cook for dessert? Try apples, plums, pears and blackberries.

Here are three vegetables that are in season right now – and some ideas for recipes to cook cheap and healthy meals.

Feeling lazy? See my ever growing cheap meals in season board on Pinterest

3 great recipes with beetroot

beetroot recipes great vegetables in season in october

You will see me overflowing this blog with recipes including beetroot. Frankly I think beets are a completely underestimated and overlooked vegetable.

Chop it up and drizzle it with olive oil, garlic and rosmary and roast it in the oven instead of potatoes.

Slice them finely and eat them raw in a salad with rocket salad and mozzarella or feta with a little balsamico and sugar.

Put them in a blender with yogurt and apple and red curry and make falafels

Or use them in bread for a sweet touch.

So yummy.

Here are a couple recipes with beetroot I simply can’t wait to try:

3 yummy recipes with sweet potato

what to cook with sweet potatoes

Oh how I love sweet potatoes. The sweet almost candy-like vegetable.

It almost feel like cheating when you eat them for dinner, doesn’t it?

Here are three recipes to try:

3 delicious pumpkin recipes

what to cook with pumpkin

Oh yes it’s that time of the season to start carving pumkinheads and head to Starbucks for pumkin spiced latte. Yesterday the teenager in the house started babbling about Halloween, even though Halloween is not a huge thing where I live.

Anyway he knows the books on carving pumpkins on sale and talks about how to decorate with scary things.

Halloween will be forced upon us this year I am sure.

Cooking with pumpkin is great!

Here are three recipes that looks yummy:

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