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November – 3 vegetables in season and what to cook with them

The snow has been falling the last couple of days.

Considering the fact that we had warm weather almost until the middle of October, snow in the beginning of November is a drastic change in temperature.

I feel like staying in with a cup of tea and reading a book with my legs covered by a blanket.

I have been chasing the snow with my camera, but the flakes melt when hitting the ground, so I haven’t been able to snap a good one for you, yet.

The end of October we went to Sweden and we enjoyed the colors and leaves in contrast on the trees. So pretty!


Vegetables in season in November

So what vegetables to look for this month?

Late October and November, you will notice heavy vegetables dominating  – vegetables heavy in weight but also that will fill up your stomach. Look out for cauliflower, cabbages, kale and broccoli.

But also: mushrooms, leeks, onions, potatoes , carrots, jerusalem artichokes, apples and chili.

Here are three vegetables that are in season right now – and some ideas for recipes to cook cheap and healthy meals.

3 great meals to make with mushrooms


I eat mushrooms all year long but there is something about mushrooms in season. Even more satisfying if you are lucky enough to find them in nature. A few weeks back we went to Sweden and found a great handful of mushrooms, that we fried and ate with brunch. Yum.

Here are three recipes to make with mushrooms:

 3 great meals to cook with cabbage

what to cook with cabbage

I have grown to really love using cabbage in my cooking. Cabbage is so cheap.

If you want to lose weight – cabbage is your friend.

Add it to any pot for extra healthy fillings. You will fill your stomach with little calories.

I even add it when I make spaghetti bolognese and lasagne.

Here are three recipes to make with cabbage:

3 great meals to make with broccoli

what to cook with broccoli

Broccoli is such a friend and will leave your stomach filled and satisfyed. Even with just a simple broccoli soup. Actually broccoli soup is the one soup I know to guarantee a filled stomach unlike any other soup. Treat broccoli much like cauliflower.

Here are three recipes to make with broccoli:

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