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What I am making for dinner this week

I have been doing mealplans for a couple of months now.

Every Sunday I make the mealplan for the following week and then Theis and I go grocery shopping for the week. This keeps the cost down, and it is nice to know that (almost) everything in the pantry and fridge will be used.

I hang up the mealplan because the teenager likes to look at it and see what he can look forward to.

Sometimes he doesn’t know what meal the title refers to and then we have a talk about that. Sometimes he plans to come home a lot quicker from school to help out in the kitchen.

This upcoming weekend, we are celebrating my sons baptism, so I am busy cooking the kitchen.

Theis and I are hosting a luncheon for 60 people after the ceremony, and we decided to cook everything ourselves. So I have been busy making falafels, quiches, meatballs, roasts, beetroot bread, pigs in a blanket etc.

Since I am cooking so much, I need some space in the freezer. So lately I have been trying to empty the freezer and making meals out of whatever I can find. This mealplan will reflect that as well.

Food of the season weekly mealplan



Mujaderra with spicy tomato sauce and green salad.

I have a bunch of mujaderra in the freezer so I think I will serve that with a spicy tomato sauce and a green salad. For mujaderra you can use this recipe from Kalyns Kitchen.



Chrismas medister with roasted garlic mashed potatoes and raw cabbage salad with roasted sesame seeds.

I don’t know how to translate medister. Its a huge traditional sausage in Denmark with “Christmas spices”. Anyway they have it on sale for 1,5 dollars so this is what we are having for dinner. We are even having some people over for dinner, because we know that this is their favorite. I like to make a rough salad with cabbage to complement the sausage and then I roast sesame seeds for a nutty yummy tasting.

Here is the recipe I am going to use for the mashed potatoes.

If you want to take a look at the Christmas medister – I found a great picture.


Creamy thai sweet potato curry.

I have some sweet potatoes in the fridge that need to be eaten very soon before they go bad – and this is one recipe I can’t wait to try. From Pinch of Yum.



Porkchops, green salad and cauliflower mac and cheese

I think I am having people over for dinner so what better way than to use the porkchops in my freezer and then wow the kids with the cauliflower mac and cheese. Recipe here for cauliflower mac and cheese.


Red lentil lasagne and raw cabbage salad with carrots

This is a favorite in the house. I use red lentils and frozen spinach, it is really cheap to make and you never miss the meat. Recipe here from Ciao veggie.

Saturday & Sunday

Baptism weekend.

This weekend will be crazy with preparations and celebrations so either we are eating left overs or just doing take out.


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