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What I am making for dinner this week + I’m trying out a new diet

After a couple of weeks where I have been busy planning and having my son’s baptism and then catching the flu and then celebrating my dad’s 75th birthday I am FINALLY able to sit down and write to you guys.

This mealplan will be slighty different then the previous.

The reason for this is that I am trying a whole foods plant based diet.

It makes sense to me to stay clear of processed foods

I have been thinking a lot about trying a plant based diet for a while. There are just some things that ring true to my ears about eating food in its natural form and staying clear of processed foods.

It makes sense to me to fill my plates with beans, vegetables, lentils and staying clear of dairy, meat and a whole bunch of  hidden sugars.

I am not saying it is something that will be a 100 percent, I am not even saying it will be permanent – but I want to see if I could get to feel better in my body and lose weight. So for now this is something that my diet will be most of the time.

Eating fruit, potatoes and rice is a party

Hannah Howlett recently released the book “Lean and Clean”. The books is a guideline to a wholefood plantbased diet and I decided to jump in and try it out.

I have to admit, eating plenty of fruit, potatoes and rice is a party. It is something that I however, had to overcome. Getting screamed at from so many sources for so many years that carbs are evil.

So far, eating like this, I feel pretty awesome.

Anyway, that is the reason why you won’t see meat in the mealplan. You wont be bored though. The food will be amazing.

I do have some recipes of old, lining up that are not following this diet – but I do want to share them, so keep the look out for them 😉

Food of the season weekly mealplan



Black bean and sweet potato patty with oilfree homemade potato fries, homemade ketchup and green salad.

Tonight I made a patty out of black beans, a sweet potato, soaked flax seeds, oats and quinoa. Then baked it in the oven. I managed to take a picture of it (not good though because I had a small crisis with a crying baby) but I will post that and the recipe sometime this week. (You can also check it out on my Instagram page @foodoftheseason).


Cauliflower lentil loaf and raw cabbage with oranges.

We have been eating a lot of cabbages with oranges as a salad. Oranges are in season and its a wonderful way to incorporate the fruit for dinner. I have made a lentil loaf before but this time around it will be with cauliflower as well, and I am using this recipe from Strengh & Sunshine.


Jerusalem Artichoke soup with roasted chickpeas.

I really love this soup and it is a favorite in the house.


Thai wok.

Adding a bunch of crispy veggies, roasted sesame seeds, a nice sauce. Haven’t decided yet if its going to be rice noodles or just rice.


Tempura sweet potato sushi

I don’t know if I am going to follow this recipe to the T, but something in the line of this looks yummy.


Friday I am going to be home alone with the baby so I am making mushroom stroganoff, , however using rice noodles and omitting the oil.


Spaghetti with bean balls in a tomato sauce.

I have only tried making meatless balls for a spaghetti once before and honestly – it didn’t turn out that great. But I am up for trying again with another recipe – this timeit will be something in the line of this recipe from Oh she glows.



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