Asian, weekly mealplan

What I am making for dinner this week

This week’s mealplan is all in the name of Asia.

Even though the weather outside mostly inspires warm heartening comfort food – I am mostly craving sweet, sour and spicy.

How the diet is going

It has been tough being on the diet through Christmas and New Years. And oh how I have cheated.

Although we at home all seem to have settled with the idea of no meat and dairy.

After configuring my mind, I really enjoy exploring the meat and dairyless adventure, and I have seem to get a new inspirational boost in the kitchen. It is just so much fun making food that are also healthy.

Theis started exploring as well. He has fallen completely in love with red lentil chili and managed to make it three times last week.

Some positives

  • My period pains are completely gone. I used to have major cramps and am addicted to ibuprofen – how ever pain killers are no more. Thats wonderful.
  • Foodbudget gone down. After growing accustomed to the new way of cooking, we are spending less money on food.

Some negatives

  • My mood has gone way down. I don’t know if it has something to do with the diet, but I need to start taking vitamines more dedicatedly to see if that will help it. Although our family are going through some difficult transitions these days, so that could also be a part of it.

See my list of other positives and negatives here.


Food of the season weekly mealplan


This week will be very Asian, as I for some unknown reason am going through a fase where I am craving Asian food.


Coconut red curry

Food of the season weekly mealplan coconut red curry
From Minimalist Baker

I have an eggplant I need to make something out of so I will be making this recipe from Minimalist Baker


Korean Potato bowl al gamja jorim.

I have so many potatoes and carrots that this recipe from I Love Vegan seems like a perfect dinner and a good opportunity to try something new.



Thai almond salad and lentil patties

High Carb Hannah uploaded this recipe video last week and I need to make this salad asap. Will be supplementing the salad with black bean and sweet potato patties


Kale and sweet potato curry.

I have some old kale in the fridge I need to make so I will be making this recipe from Minimalist Baker.


General Tso’s vegan chicken with rice and green juicy salad.

I found a recipe for a fat free version I can’t wait to make and serve Friday night for the family.


Saturday we are having family over for dinner – and since it’s the teenager in the house that get to decide what’s for dinner, I don’t know what we will end up making 🙂


Vietnamese fresh spring rolls

From I Love Vegan

I simply just love vietnamese spring rolls. It is so easy to make, cheap and always delicious. This recipe from I Love Vegan calls for tofu – and even though we have tofu at home, I haven’t decided yet whether to omit it or not.

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