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What I am making for dinner this week + how the new diet is going

So this weekly mealplan is full of healthy nourishing and warm comfort food.

This flu season doesn’t ever seem to end. After taking baby Martin to swimclass on Friday, both he and I fell ill and came down with the flu. This is the second time in a month for me.

Anyway even though I have been under the covers this new diet is really going well for me. Read about my new diet here.

How the new diet is going

I have been on the new diet for a week and a half and have had a couple of cheat-meals.

Some positives I have experienced so far:

  • Way more energy. Even though I can get super tired because of interrupted nights of baby needs, I have lots of energy. Usually I am so tired come afternoon, but I have felt really good and no need to take naps or drink coffee.
  • No cravings. I am a huge sucker for cravings and I have not felt them. I don’t feel the need for candy, chocolate or greasy food. Yesterday we celebrated the teenager’s birthday and even though I allowed myself to eat chocolate cake – I later realized that I simply forgot to eat the cake. Yep I FORGOT. I mean… hallo…. when do you ever forget to eat a chocolate cake in front of you?
  • Making healthier choices. For some reason my mind is unconsciencely making healthier choices.
  • Pounds lost. I have so far lost about four pounds.
  • Joy of cooking. I am so thrilled at all the yummyness (is that a word??) that I get to eat.
  • Bathroom visits. I am frequenting the bathroom between two or three times a day. That is a first from me. Usually when I do that something is wrong, and for a while when I was younger I even had trouble going everyday. I went to the doctor back then and I wonder why she never suggested me going whole food plant based… you know for all the fiber. Anyway. It feels mighty good.
  • General well being. I just feel good in my body and spirit. Simple as that. My mood is better than usual.

Some negatives I have experienced so far:

  • Hunger. Particularly doing nighttime and in the middle of the night I can wake up with an extreme hunger. If it is unbearable I eat a banana.
  • Reprogramming the mind. It is hard living in a meat and dairy country and steering clear of yummy yougurts and other dairy. Especially cooking with it. Theis and I usually use a lot of yougurt in our cooking, and he has been a little confused when I jump up and say: “no, no, no” when he adds yougurt to guacemole.
  • Expense. My foodbudget has gone up. It is probably because I have made one-time-investments and I expect that it will go down once I get the hang of things.

So in conclusion – everything is going fine so far. I am slowly getting use to this new way of cooking and thinking and my body responds very well to this diet.

Food of the season weekly mealplan



Better than chipotle burrito

I have been craving this for so long. So tonight it’s going down! From High Carb Hannah.


Tonight I am cooking mushroom risotto. The male meateaters will probably get a porkchop too, I will have a green salad on the side.  Using this recipe from Wallflower Kitchen.


Tonight we are having one pot red lentil chili using this recipe from the Minimalist Baker.


Baked potatoes with toppings. I am going to use chili leftovers on my baked potatoes and some fried mushrooms. The male in the house will probably add some bacon and ham.


Friday will be a hectic day so I haven’t planned on cooking. We will probably get something to take home with us.


Caramelized kale and butternut squash lasagne.

Ever since I saw this recipe I fell in love. I cannot wait to cook this meal – and this will be the first time I ever cook anything with kale. Kale is in season and I just got a HUGE bag of kale for like.. nothing. Recipe from Half Baked Harvest.


Sweet potato and kale fritters and olifree potatofries and salad.  Using this recipe for fritters from Yes More Please.

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