december vegetables in season
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December – 3 fruit and vegetables in seasons and what to cook with them

Yay December is here. For many Scandinavians – this is the best month of the winter season because all the twinkle lights everywhere.

Here in Denmark the “dark season” range from November until March. It can be unbearable at times with all these hours during the day where it’s just pitch black outside. We stay inside, light candles and cover up with blankets.

How to eat a pomelo

This month, citrus fruits are in season. Oranges, lemons, limes. Is there anything better than to go crazy with snacking on clementines? Another favorite that is in season is the pomelo.

If you have seen this giantic fruit but don’t know what to do with it – I can highly recommend you to try it. It is sweet, grapelike with just a little sour aftertaste.


Start by peeling of the thick skin. (Use a knife). Then fill the bowl with all the white layers until you have the fruit meat. Eat it!

Whenever I eat a pomelo, I like to eat it like a dessert in front of the tv. It takes such a long time to peel and eat it, that it is something I like to do while watching a great tvshow. Usually I am full, halfway through the fruit, so I save the rest for another day. You can also put the pomelo in a salad.

Here is a step by step guide to peeling and eating a pomelo.

December vegetables in season

This season look for citrusfruits like oranges and clementines. Look for cabbage, kale, jerusalem artichoke, sweet potato and leeks.

Last minute going out of season are pumpkin, celeriac and apple. So be sure to enjoy these before they either dissapear or go up in price.

Here are three vegetables/fruits that are in season in December – and some ideas for recipes to cook cheap and healthy meals.

3 great savory dishes to cook with oranges

december vegetables in season oranges

I always have a hard time eating oranges on the go. The fruit is simply to ripe that I get sticky juice everywhere and I think its a mess. It’s a shame because I really enjoy oranges. That is why I go crazy with clementines.

However I don’t think oranges are used enough in savory dishes. This year I am vowing to change that.

Here are three recipes to make with oranges:


3 great meals to cook with kale

december vegetables in season kale

Kale is a vegetable completely ignored in my kitchen.

I have actually never bought kale.

Recently a friend of mine, who is from Sri Lanka, came and cooked a meal in my kitchen and cooked the most amazing kale salad. It was so yummy.

So I decided that I need to cook with kale. Starting out with the caramelized butternut squash and kale lasagne.

3 great meals to cook with leeks

december vegetables in season leeks

It can be a little difficult to find good inspirational recipes including leek that don’t center around broth or soup.

I usually use leeks as an onion substitute when I cook a pot of something.

I did manage to find a couple of really interesting ways to use leek. Next stop – heading for the waffle iron!


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