10 cheap meals to make with lentils
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10 amazingly cheap, healthy and delicious meals you can make with lentils

Don’t you just sometimes miss a list of recipes with cheap meals you can make?

I know what it is like to crave tasteful foods and falling into the trap of thinking that tasteful dinners can also be very inexpensive to make.

So I decided to make a list of 10 cheap meals to make with lentils.

Every now and then I meet the standard prejudice against lentils. Lentils are something the “health-freeks” make. It is not a common food to make, and lentils are certainly not tasteful.

Yes it is true that lentils are a healthy food. With good reason. In fact lentils are a powerhouse with nutrition, vitamines, fiber and protein.

And then lentils are dead cheap. I mean really cheap.

I can’t count how many meals I have made with lentils that have cost close to nothing.

Lentils are extreme versatile, and you can make many meals with lentils, that substitute meat and you wouldn’t know the difference.

And as the not tasteful – hallo!! Depends on the cook and the spices. So get your lentils on and spices from the rack – because here are a list of recipes that will prove that lentils are a great food for cheap dinner that taste wonderful!!

10 cheap meals to make with lentils

Here are 10 cheap meals to make with lentils. Wow your family and guests and explore your tastebuds with these recipes.

Remember to make enough to pack for lunch the next day.

1. Sri Lankan red lentil dal curry

From veganricha.com
From veganricha.com

Got a tomato?

Got onion?

With red lentils and spices you’ve got yourself a meal. And it is a meal worthy for guests.

Whenever Theis and I are low in cash I make this at home. It is one of the tastiest and cheapest meals I know – and it is so tasty, that you can easily host visitors and guests. For many, dal is still a foreign and exotic meal – so go ahead and wow your guests and save up on cash. It is good. Make extra and freeze for later days. Recipe here.

2. Persion red lentil soup with tahini, beetroot and fried mint

From Gourmettraveller.com.au

Granted this does require a spice rack. But if you want to start saving money on food – your best way to go is to invest in spices. Few ingredients and lots of spices can go a long way.

Got a can of tomatoes? And beetroot is still in season. So go get ’em and make this warming soup in the cold January evenings. Recipe here.

3. Lentil mushroom tacos

From veganhuggs.com
From veganhuggs.com

These are to die for. Our teenager in the house loves Mexican food. But Mexican food doesn’t have to require minced meat, but can easily be cooked with lentils. I guess the appealing part for the teenager is that in Mexican food – food is wrapped. Wrapped in tacos or like a burrito. So this is a great cheap way to cook Mexican and satisfy the whole family.

Recipe here.

4. Mushroom lentil loaf

From pumpkinandpeanutbutter.com
From pumpkinandpeanutbutter.com

I make a lot of lentil meatless loafs. It is like meatloaf – but actually tastes better. It is easy and inexpensive and everyone in the family loves it. The secret behind the loaf is the b-b-q coating – so don’t forget to skip that part. The coating can easily and inexpensively be done by smothering regular ketchup – or be more advanced with liquid smoke and a glaze of coconut sugar, vinegar, dijon mustard.

Instead of almond meal you can use flour og make flour out of oats by putting them in a food processor or a coffee grinder.

Recipe here

5. Lentil Bolognese

From Ihearteating.com

A healthier take on the classic pasta sauce, packed with veggies. Recipe here.

6. Red lentil kofta

From Mediterrasian.com

Small red lentil patties.

Serve them as a meal stuffed into pitabreads with a green salad. Recipe here.

7. Red lentil chili

From Minimalistbaker.com

A meatless take on the classic chili con carne.

This has become a fast favorite in the house – and we currently eat red lentil chili one to two times a week.

Best used is the red lentils because they soak up water. I promise you won’t miss the meat. The teenager are crazy about red lentil chili and exclaimed: “Please Martine, make this a 1000 more times!” Recipe here.

8.  Mujadara

From themediterraneandish.com

This is an excellent cheap and carbed up meal to make way in advance, because you can freeze it. Make a huge pot and freeze in clear bags for the freezer – for days when you are in a hurry, have the flu, feel lazy or otherwise don’t feel like cooking.

Recipe here

9. Koshari

From gourmettraveller.com.au
From gourmettraveller.com.au

Comforting, very cheap and very good carb on carb love.

I will never forget the first time I tasted koshari. I was in Cairo and my friend who had lived there for a long time, showed me the good non-turistic places and the food to go with it. It was so good. At that time I didn’t eat as many carbs as I do today, so it completely felt like cheating. Because its all the best carbs in the world with a simple tasteful tomato sauce. Yum.

Recipe here

10. Lentil meatball spaghetti

From Nadiashealthykitchen.com

A good vegan version of the classic spaghetti meatballs. Recipe here

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